Keeping Your Valentines Roses in Tip Top Condition

 Remove all packaging from your flowers as soon as possible after receiving them. This is best done over a sink if you have received your flowers packed in water.  Cut about 2cm from the bottom of the stems, at an angle, and remove any foliage from the lower half of the stem. Fill a clean vase about half way up with fresh cold water and add the flower food you received with your bouquet. Arrange your flowers in the vase and place them somewhere thats not near a direct heat source, a draft or in direct sunlight.  Make sure your flowers are not placed near a fruit bowl as the natural gases from the fruit will decrease the vase life of them.  Every 3 days repeat the process making sure you wash your vase out with hot water and detergent to remove any bacteria that will decrease the vase life of your beautiful blooms.  To revive any drooping roses that may be affected by being without water for too long, wrap tightly in paper to support the head, cut the lower 2cm of the stem and place in deep cold water for a few hours (preferably overnight) in a cool place. Unwrap and place back in your arrangement. Finally ..... Enjoy ... 


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